Grafton Gate



Grafton Gate, Central Milton Keynes 

Planning Approved 2006    

Residential, Hotel


This mixed-use development contains 24 apartments and 25 hotel bedrooms. The design solution for the proposed development is expressive of the fact that the building contains two distinct functions. These different functions are contained in blocks which, although physically connected, are visually separated by set-backs in the façade and the use of different materials in the external envelope. The hotel element is finished in brick and render, the residential component has a predominately timber finish.

The residential element is focused around a dramatic atrium space contained by ETFE cushions, which includes the lift, staircase and a lightwell through all floors of the building. The apartments all feature continuous external balconies finished with different coloured glass balustrades.  This enlivens the façade and provides variety to contrast with the repetition of the main façade elements.